Teen commits suicide after accidentally revealing she cheated

Teen commits suicide after accidentally revealing she cheated

THE broken-hearted mother of a teen girl who took her own life after accidentally revealing to her boyfriend on Snapchat that she had cheated has opened up about the moment her “world fell apart”.

Charlotte Guy, 17, was found dead on the same day her family had celebrated her mum’s birthday, with the family reeling over the teen’s tragic suicide.

The teen had been in an on-off relationship with 20-year-old Jack Hurst for two years when she sent him the message, later sending him a message apologising.

In the Snapchat, she wrote: “Goodbye. Please forgive me”, adding: “I love you — knowing that you hate me is enough.”

Concerned Jack had quickly sent a screenshot of the teen’s location — revealed by the app — to her family, but they were too late.

Mum Debbie, who had spent the morning with her family including Charlotte opening birthday presents, said: “We followed the map to some nearby woods and after frantically racing to the scene we were greeted by the police who had already found her body.

“Despite the hospital working to try and save her for an hour, we were told that she hadn’t made it. That’s when my world fell apart.”

But Debbie, who turned 48 the same day her daughter died in September last year, has revealed she didn’t believe her daughter had meant to take her own life.

The grieving mother said: “I am convinced that Charlotte cried wolf and thought she was about to be found and rescued again — but this time we didn’t.

“I truly believe that she didn’t know the severity of what she was doing.”

Despite battling with mental health issues for five years, Charlotte was always a very happy and active person, explained Debbie, from Wigan, Greater Manchester. The teenager’s friend Steph also remembering her as a giving person.

“Charlotte was a great person to be around, she’d always cheer you up and would put everyone before herself,” Steph said.

“She was our only girl in a family surrounded by boys, so she took a lot of their traits — while still being our little princess.”

“She was really active and was into a lot of sports like kickboxing and mixed martial arts — she was one of a kind.

“But her mental health often got the better of her — she had previously taken two overdoses that she had survived from.

“After this we helped Charlotte and got her the help that she needed, but there was a lot of waiting for this.

“I often find myself thinking that if mental health services had been quicker and more readily available for her, she might still be here now.”

Alongside her mother, Charlotte has also left behind father Martin, 48, and brothers Shaun, 30, Dean, 28 and Bradley, 15.

Debbie said her family now played Elvis constantly in the house, as Charlotte loved the singer.

She said: “Since her passing we’ve also taken time to make every moment memorable and, although it’s really hard, we’re trying to stay strong for the family.

“In the future, once we’ve had a bit more time to process what’s happened, we’re going to campaign to increase mental health services — so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else’s little girl.”

If you or anyone you know needs support call Lifeline on 13 11 14, Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 or visit